18 de jul de 2008

O heroi

Hizbolá e a súa base social reciben coma un heroi ao home que lle rebentou a cabeza a unha nena de catro anos:

Samir Kuntar, one of five Lebanese prisoners released by Israel as part of an exchange deal with Hezbollah, has said he had no regrets over his imprisonment in 1979 for the murder of three Israelis. (...)

Kuntar was convicted and sentenced to five life terms for killing a police officer, a civilian and a four-year-old child in a raid in the northern Israeli town of Nahariya.

But on Thursday he told the crowds that came out to welcome to his home town: "I haven't for even one day regretted what I did.

"On the contrary I remain committed to my political convictions," Kuntar said.

"I feel enormous joy because I have returned to the ranks of the resistance and to my family."

Kuntar's family says that he did not commit any of the murders and that the victims were killed in crossfire during a shootout with Israeli security forces trying to apprehend Kuntar and other members of his group. (Al Jazeera)

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